Hamigos First Batch - A Labor of Love

Starting a new business can be both exciting and challenging, but for Hamigos Hot Sauce company it was a dream come true! After months of planning, sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and spending hours in the test kitchen at John Henry’s Food Products perfecting our recipes, we finally made our first official batch of Hamigos hot sauces!

The flavors of our initial batch consisted of the El Clasico, Viejo Verde, and Mangonero hot sauces – each one deliciously unique with just the right amount of heat! El Clasico is a traditional habanero hot sauce that showcases the complexity of the orange habanero and a spicy kick. Viejo Verde is our light and tangy green habanero hot sauce made with Mexican oregano and green onions. The Mangonero is our tropical hot sauce that showcases a sweetness from the finest mangos combined with habanero peppers.

Ernie Abercrombie, the owner of John Henry’s, and his team were instrumental in helping us produce our first batch of hot sauce. From preparing our ingredients to bottling each sauce by hand, the team at John Henry’s worked tirelessly to ensure the highest level of quality in our product.

We consider the process of making our first batch was a labor of love! We began our intricate techniques early in the morning, and with Ernie’s assistance, we carefully measured every ingredient to ensure that the flavors were perfectly balanced. As we bottled each sauce, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment! It was a surreal experience to see our hard work and hot sauce come to life, and we knew we had a product that was truly special.

By the end of the day, we created and hand bottled a total of 90 gallons of our hot sauce. The process was long and exhausting, but we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our first batch of hot sauce was everything we hoped it would be and more! We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ernie and the John Henry’s team for their support throughout the production process. The first official batch of hot sauce was a huge success, and we look to the future of Hamigos Hot Sauce company with so much excitement, focus, and anticipation. We can’t wait to share our delicious sauces with the world, and we’re confident that our passion for quality and flavor will continue to shine through in every single one of our hot sauce bottles.