Hamigos expands partnership with Plant It Forward!

Hola Hamigos! 

A few months ago we shared a blog post to inform everyone of our partnership with Plant It Forward (PIF), a non-profit whose mission is to empower refugees to develop sustainable urban farming businesses that produce fresh, healthy food for multiple communities throughout Houston.

We are now thrilled to announce that we have expanded our partnership with PIF and three of our sauces are included in their farm share program. The farm share program at PIF puts together weekly bundles of fresh, locally-harvested produce and other local products (i.e. our sauces!). They have over 20 pickup locations and deliver to over 30 zip codes here in Houston. Signing up for this program is one of the best ways to support PIF and their mission. We are honored to be part of this program!

As mentioned, three of our sauces will be included in this program: Horneado, Mija Rosa, and Viejo Verde. As a reminder, Horneado and Mija Rosa are our two farm to table sauces that started our original partnership with PIF. After donating seedlings that we grew to PIF, we continue to buy back the peppers they grow with those plants to source the ingredients needed to make those two sauces! 

While we strongly encourage you all to consider the farm share program at PIF, we want to remind everyone that buying Horneado and Mija Rosa also directly supports their organization. 

PIF is one of our many "hamigos" and we are excited to see what is next with this wonderful partnership!